In 2018 we had the privilege as acceler8 of hosting the Archbishop of Canterbury for a few days across Coventry Diocese. During those days we were able to host a few events with the Archbishop, one being a question and answer time for young adults, to ask the Archbishop anything they wanted. Below are the different questions and the different answers we received.

Why was the Archbishop in Coventry this week? Find out here….

Where would the Archbishop describe as the most interesting place his work has taken him?

Some Warm up questions, to get us started.

How does the Archbishop keep a balance in his life, with so many different things going on at once?

Why did the Archbishop want to be, Archbishop?

What’s the hardest thing about being Archbishop?

Is the Church relevant today?

How can we live a moral life?

What is Thy Kingdom come?

Do Christianity and Politics work together?

When does the Church get the broad and too open?