Coventry Diocese


As Acceler8 we work across the diocese in a variety of churches stretching from Nuneaton to Fosse, each with a unique approach to working with Young Adults. Although members of our team are based in specific churches we believe we are here to support many churches. We would love to spend time working with churches from across the diocese thinking, planning and praying together about how we can reach young adults and make disciples. If you are part of a church in the diocese and would like to connect with us please do get in touch.

Other Dioceses


Although we are based across one Diocese, we are aware that there are people looking to do Young Adults work all across the country. If you are based outside of Coventry Diocese and would like to find out more about how the project works, how we are funded or how to connect with us we would love to talk to you. Please do get in touch with any questions that you may have.

Top Tips


As a team we have collected a list of tried and tested Top Tips that we feel will help churches to reach young adults. These ideas have come through the experiences of the team from a wide variety of contexts, from urban and rural churches and larger and smaller parishes, as well as across a broad spectrum of traditions. We pray that some of these ideas will inspire and encourage you and your church in your ministry with Young Adults.