For Students


As Acceler8 we love to partner with our students and universities across the Diocese. We believe that your time spent at university can be a real shaping and forming time of your life, and understand the real importance of getting connected and integrated into a local church that is right for you. We also understand that university can be a real daunting time being away from home and struggling to connect with new people. We as Acceler8 want to help with this as much as we can, and would love to meet and help connect you with other students, churches or groups that can help you through your time at university.   A number of our team spend a lot of time working with both university CU’s, as well as running specifically designed bible studies, socials and worship times for students. We also love to partner with Fusion who does really great work with students ( Please do get in touch if you have any questions, would like to connect with what we are doing or would just like meet.