For 20s-30s


As Acceler8 we spend a lot of time working with 20’s-30’s. This age range spreads and reaches across a whole host of demographics, From 20 year olds who didn’t go to university and have gone straight into work, Young adults who have been to university and are now either looking or in full time work. 20’s-30’s Who are un-employed or in low paid work, Young families and married couples, professionals and so much more. We are aware that trying to group all these people together can work, but isn’t always right. So as acceler8 we try and put on as many different activities, meetings, socials and studies to best serve as many people as possible. We are also very aware that some people don’t quite fit into this age range and again everyone is welcome. There are naturally some activities that run that are only suitable for people over 18 so we would always look to work with those over 18, but if you are under 18 we would love to point you towards some great youth workers who do some great things.

We believe in empowering young leaders and run a Leadership development course for those who are seeking to grow in leadership from across the Diocese. ( Leadership Course) Over the coming months we will be running a variety of activities across the Diocese, so please check our events page regular to keep updated with what’s going on and were.  IF you would like to ask any questions, know where your closest group is, or have a conversation with someone from acceler8, please do get in touch with us here